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Thank you for visiting our site.

We, founded in 1988, specialize in SHOCK ABSORBERS, DAMPERS or other kind of Machine parts.

SHOCK ABSORBERS and DAMPERS are used for absorbing impact or for giving torque to control motion.

To use of SHOCK ABSORBERS and DAMPERS are limitless for industrial systems, automotive interiors, etc. and wherever there is motion.

*SHOCK ABSORBERS are frequently used for industrial machines.

*ROTARY DAMPERS are used for controlling motion.

In our position as a high level wholesale dealer, we will continue to forge ahead in leaps and bounds and obtain even deeper levels of trust from our customers.

Our unwavering stance from the moment of our establishment through to the present day is based on the concept of “Commitment to Expertise,” on which we place much importance.

Our policy incorporated into our Company corporate creed of “Commitment to Expertise” is very important and we must be passed onto future generations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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